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The Culling of the Cows
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You know when you sit down and play one of those games that make you kind of sit back in enjoyment despite it being so simple? Recently that happened to me, with The Culling of the Cows by Decaying Logic. It is not quite what you would expect though; as it is extremely humorous, engaging and one of those games you can spend a few hours on to pass some time.

There is a bit of a difference with The Culling of the Cows though, as while it is simple in design, it translates into a rather entertaining product. Do not let the word simple detour you though; as it is simple it is still pretty in depth in terms of gameplay.

CotC_1The Culling of the Cows is setup as one of your standard Side-Scrolling Tower-Defense style game, where you face waves of enemies to progress throughout the game. Each level is harder than the one before it, offering some new… mulch (?) to go through. However as you progress and kill you earn money each level to apply to upgrades (which you will need later) for your gun – it is worth noting the upgrades for weaponry is a level-by-level basis. Though like
most games of this genre, it is easy to earn cash, and purchase upgrades; at later levels though you have to be more wise about what you spend and when as some of the enemies do become rather difficult so spend wisely. Though, if you are really in a pinch for some relief before biting the proverbial bullet, you have abilities you can use (which are not available in all of the levels) to rain down destruction (literally) to help you. You begin to notice this all with the very nicely done UI, which is bright enough for you to notice, but not bright enough to take away from your vision which is a good thing; it also covers a very bare minimum amount of space too.

One of the more interesting ones are those that are specific – I want to say boss levels – that do not allow you to use power-ups or your abilities but instead require you to utilize your shotgun only, or at one level a sniper rifle. To me though, I found the best action to be as you would play it normally as it is entertaining in the presentation to actually keep you immersed in continuous playing. Those hours spent playing though is a rather fun time though, unlike most games out today.

There are a couple areas of concern though for me –personally-, which are replayability and DLC. While the game is fun, and extremely challenging the initial playthrough, I am still up in the air if it is something I could still be playing a couple months from now going through all 40 levels again. I feel that DLC could help with that, and I am sure they more than likely will put some out, at least that is my hope. Other than those two minor things, The Culling of the Cows is a engaging, entertaining game that you should check out.

If I had to give a score –which I do not care for doing- to The Culling of the Cows I would give it a 4.5 out of 5 just because of the humor and entertaining gameplay. The entire scope of humor in it was a huge plus, and at times you wonder if it borders on stereotyping or not. Though, I find immense amount of humor in the game, some may not; that is the way it goes though right? Listen, if you are a fan of tower-defense games then this is for you. Sure it is not AS COMPLICATED as those in the genre, it is simplistic enough to do it rather well.



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