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[amazon template=banner easy&chan=default&asin=B0050SYILE]There has always been one game that the video game industry can count on to raise the bar of controversy: Grand Theft Auto. Not that Grand Theft Auto V has created much controversy it did have its normal GTA scenes of questionable content. Never-the-less Grand Theft Auto V has sold a serious amount of copies since launch day, and it continues to do very well. There is a reason though: it was the Grand Theft Auto that should have been released a long time ago. Fans have been waiting for this one to come out, and more importantly this is the one they had hoped for.

GTAV-2Grand Theft Auto V changed things up quite a bit, and went in a great direction with the series. One of these new features revolves around 3 different characters: Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Each of them has their own agendas, homes, cars, styles and missions. The ability to switch back and forth between them (when you can) is both a unique tool and a downfall at the same time. Yes it is great that you can do this, and it does offer some depth to the Grand Theft Auto series, but it convolutes and makes it difficult to follow the actual story. Granted there are not many people who are going to play Grand Theft Auto V for the story.

The controls are different than its predecessors, but in a very good way! I have always been a fan of the selection wheels, as it is easy to use, and is better than how it used to be done. Selecting a weapon is fast and easy on the fly, and the visual does come in extremely handy during a chase or all out fight. Aside from the pinwheel selection, the controls are fluid, and respond very well. The scheme itself is great too, and I could not think of any reason why the controls are not good.

Graphically is what I think Grand Theft Auto V’s bread and butter is; it looks so good. The best thing is they look good no matter what you are doing, you could be diving or hell you could even be flying down the highway in the fastest car you have and they still look great! To be rather honest, with these types of games we all tend to think that graphics will be sub-par as it is this HUGE map with a ton of things going on at once; Rockstar Games has it going on though. The best looking parts of the map are by far underwater; dive whenever you get the chance to, to see some gorgeous scenery!

GTAV-1One of the things I think all gamers where trying to anticipate was if the multiplayer would be good. Well, if you can connect to the servers, and get passed the initial race then yes it is fantastic. There is a lot to do in the multiplayer aspect of Grand Theft Auto V, if you can find a good enough team to run with. Often times, it was hard to coordinate with the others on the 16-player servers to go on a bank heist, or even to just meet up and rob a store. Though, that is not on the game that is on the individuals who are there along with you. Eventually I did get ahold of a team and did a couple of bank heists with them and it is by far one of the coolest experiences I have ever had in a Grand Theft Auto game. Honestly, to be able to play this style of game with a bunch of friends who want to steal cars, and get multiple star wanted levels, is both the brightest point, and the greatest step forward for the rest of the Grand Theft Auto games. Hands down multiplayer brought a lot to the table, and it was the best part of the game.

All of this goodness comes at a price though: often times the side mission make absolutely no sense, or take forever to get to the point. For instance the paparazzi missions I have yet to understand how they fold into things; then again I stopped playing GTA after San Andreas so I may be missing something. There is also a vast amount of involvement required by the player, which is usually the case with Rockstar games, but this one seems like it requires a lot more. Granted, I burned through the campaign in about 2-3 days, and jumped right into multiplayer for another week or two. Of course I am still playing multiplayer, and I do not see myself going back into the campaign for anything.

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