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We here at The Gaming Experience are very in tune with everything that makes the experience we all are so passionate about each and every single day. It is not often something comes along that can actually complete the experience we are searching so hard for. Then there is the ButtKicker Gamer2 accessory, that it can be quite the kick to the experience.

We have spent a ton of time to truly recreate the home experience of that we should be able to hear, see, and feel the action as we fire that last bullet, or the entire last lap. With the addition of the Gamer2 we can finally complete the set, and feel the entire action. Since this is something unlike we have ever done before, the review will break down to setup, in action intensity (by genre), and finally music and movies. So here we go!


The ButtKicker Gamer2 comes with all the necessary things to get you started. Though it all depends on what you plan on hooking it up to as the setup does vary depending on console, pc or even an mp3 player. So why do we not break each one down:


Before we begin installing to each system, you need to find an adequate spot for the Gamer2 to latch onto. If you do not have a place underneath your gaming chair then I suggest on one of the arms.


  • Hook the Y-adapter cable (included) to the Center/Subwoofer channel on your Sound Card (Orange)
  • Hook up the appropriate cable from the Y-adapter to the ButtKicker Power Amplifier
  • Run the chord from the Gamer2 to the Power Amplifier & hook it up
  • Hook up the Remote to the front in the slot provided
  • Plug in the chord from the Y-adapter to the White (Input – Output can be used too to string together)
  • And then finally plug it into the wall


I have to say this one is a bit trickier as it is relying on you to have an external 5.1-7.1 surround sound amplifier already hooked up. If you do not and you are using Standard Def television, then hook it up to the Left Channel using the Y-adapter.

  • Plug in the RCA cable to the SUBWOOFER OUT on the receiver to the Power Amplifier
  • Then follow the steps above with the chords (minus the PC-specific)

MP3 Player:


  • Use the appropriate Y-adapter (3.5mm jacks all the way around) into the headphone / Line-In jack
  • Use the chord to the Power Amplifier / Personal Headset
  • Enjoy the music


buttkicker_gamer2_2As you can see from above, each on is pretty similar and easy to hook up. With setup there was 2 downfalls for me: finding a place to mount the Gamer2 and all of the chords. My chair specifically did not have a narrow post underneath the seat to mount it to, so I tried a couple different options to see if it still had a desired effect. First time I did it, I hooked it up to the mounting bars that hold the wheels and stabilize the chair; while it did have a good effect, it just rattled my flooring the most.  However, when I moved it to the connecting piece that connects my chair to the arm-rest I was pleasantly surpised by how effective it really was. While yes, it would be best directly underneath you, most have to work with what they have.


In Action Intensity

So here is a rundown of the games we used to test this:

  • Battlefield 3 (PC)
  • World of Warcraft (PC)
  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted (360)
  • Dark Souls (PS3)

And finally the music list:

  • Heaven Shall Burn – Enzeit
  • Kansas – Dust In the Wind
  • Trick Daddy – Back in the Days
  • Zedd  – Spectrum (Razihel Remix)

This is  quite an interesting list of stuff to cover, so do not be surprised as these are just notes we took while testing the Gamer2 out to its fullest potential.

Battlefield 3

**funny note, almost listed this as “Bad Company 3”… wishful thinking right?

If there was one thing we noticed right off the bat of testing it, it was the explosions. It was pretty different as to how AWESOME it was to be sitting here, throw out a grenade and then BOOM. To put it the nicest was possible, it was quite the ButtKicker. It felt amazing to feel it along with hearing it in full 7.1, and it really adds a new dimension to the mix. Not only were the explosions great, but with every step you took, you can feel it ever so slightly, that is until you fire your weapon. While firing a Sniper Rifle, each shot is worth feeling, and believe me when you get into a tank and take a shot it is well worth it. The thing I was most impressed with was actually while reloading; you can feel the vibrations from it, and it adds so much more depth when playing Battlefield 3.

World of Warcraft:

Now, there is a special trick to getting the ButtKicker Gamer2 to work with World of Warcraft and that is to run only the 64-bit client. The game does not support 5.1 channel in 32-bit mode unfortunately. I had read that this could not be used for WoW, but I had no problems with it. Yes it was not that accurate, often times not doing anything at all when I was casting, or beating the hell out of the Alliance, but it did work on occasion. For instance, whenever I would cast Chaos Bolt on my Warlock, I could feel it casting, but it would not work if I was to say use anything other than Blood Boil on a Death Knight. It is hit-or-miss when using the Gamer2 with World of Warcraft.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (360):

I am convinced that the Gamer2 was made for racing games, without a single doubt. If you are a racing fanatic then I advise you to pick this up. To be able to feel the vibrations as the engine revs up its RPM’s, or if I hit a wall; it is truly a remarkable new experience. It is safe to say that playing NfS:MW and using the Gamer2 was the best game to be used while testing. I have absolutely no complaints during testing with Need for Speed.

Dark Souls:

Aside from the fact that I absolutely suck at this game, the Gamer2 performed rather well while using it. Every hit, or dodge, or background rumble was felt. Though, I did have to turn up the volume a bit more than I would have liked to due to some sound issues. This was not the fault of the Gamer2 though, as it did well before and after. It is honestly mediocre at best when playing Dark Souls as it just did not offer anything on par with what I did feel already.


Now, music is a large part of my life; I listen to it while writing reviews, cleaning, or hanging out with my kids. While I am sitting here listening to music, writing this review with the Gamer2 hooked up and rocking. I do have to say that I am using my iPhone 4 to do this all, as the Gamer2 is not compatible with stuff such as Spotify, iTunes, or the like. So here we go again!

Heaven Shall Burn – Endzeit

If you have never heard of Heaven Shall Burn then let me tell you a bit. HSB is from Germany, a very hardcore death metal band. If you have never heard Death Metal before, then I suggest you go now and google this song. Suprisingly enough, the Gamer2 did really well while listening to Endzeit except for one area. HSB uses rather large drops in tuning, which creates its own bass lines, on top of the bassist and drummer; it picked it all up. So for this particular song, it was a nonstop working machine. This was not the only metal song we tested, but it performed the best for us with this one.

Kansas – Dust In The Wind

Now you are more than likely asking why this song right? First off, I love the band Kansas. Secondly I needed an acoustic song to test with. As expected we felt the bass lines for this song from the guitars themselves, and it was quite nice. It definitely performed very well with acoustic songs, and I dare say you just might be able to feel even more emotion from this song with the Gamer2.

Trick Daddy – Back in the Days

This is an old song from when I was a teenager that I had a fondness of; it was the only rap song we tested it with… it was virtually the only one we needed to. Rap is definitely the best match for the Gamer2 if you are looking for that extra oomph. One bass line was all it took to remind me of when I was a young naive teenager with the loudest system in the entire town. It performed so well, we listened to the song another 20 more times!

Zedd  – Spectrum (Razihel Remix):

This was a song I had found on the YouTube, and was one of my favorite songs with dubstep in it. Just as the rap song above, it was the only dubstep song I needed as it performed well above expectations.



If you want a great new addition to give you the feeling of being completely immersed into a game, then I highly recommend the ButtKicker Gamer2 for your arsenal. It does bring the experience of gaming to a complete close by offering a new depth of gaming most are not used it. This gets a 4.5 stars, only because I hate chords. If they where a little less noticeable then it would have gotten a perfect 5. Hands down though, any gamer would enjoy the Gamer2 under their chair giving them total immersion.

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