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Metro: Last Light (OSX)
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There was one game that has really set a new bar for how Mac games should be done: Metro: Last Light. In September the great people at Deep Silver announced a port to Mac, and I instantly became interested. It is not too often you get a game that looks astonishing, and plays incredible on the Mac system. It really does not take too much either to run it on OSX if you have bought a mac within the last two years:

  • OS: Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
  • CPU: 3.2GHz i5 (Intel)
  • RAM: 16GB
  • GPU: GeForce GTX680MX with 1GB VRAM
  • HDD: 10GB

This is of course just the recommended requirements, and as you can see it is nothing different than what is in current generation of mac computers. Just goes to show the versatility of 4A Engine right?


Honestly, while waiting for this game to be released, one thing worried me the most and that was if it would still be as beautiful as the PC version of the game was. These ports are usually hit or miss, but I am happy to report that this is NO issue what so ever. You would be hard pressed to find a game on OSX that looks as good as Metro: Last Light.

Then again, graphics have always been the biggest powerhouse in Last Light and its predecessor. This is nothing bad; it just goes to show how talented of a team that is at 4A Games. Honestly, there are very few within the industry that I have more respect for. Back on topic though; the graphics of the game are beyond astonishing, from the underbelly to the surface, everything in the game just looks… real. There was one detail that really impressed me the most and it is just this tiny little thing: when you are travelling by a floating raft to the Red Line, if you look down at the water, it moves with the raft along with the foliage in the water. Not many developers do things that are that miniscule, especially when they know their eyes will not be on the water, but the horizon.

As usual, the characters look fantastic, and with some variety between them. Though, at times I often scratched my head at the AI; specifically when they would take cover but do so on a box that is facing me looking in the wrong direction when it was more than obvious as to where I was. This usually happened on rare occurrences, but other than those moments the AI was something I did enjoy. I do have to say that although the human AI is good, the mutants really make me shake my head. Often times they run right past me, or attack when they are more than 10ft away; on top of an already predictable spawn locations.


I have to note, that if you are playing this game with a controller on a PC you should smack yourself now. Metro: Last Light is too involved to be playing on a controller. This brings us to the controls. Not too much has changed since its predecessor in terms of controls and that is just fine as Metro: Last Light plays like a dream. I had no problems jumping right in, and picking it up and I am a console guy! Aside from that, the controls are extremely easy to get the hang of, and even easier to follow throughout the game. I did however have to make one slight adjustment, as I found the melee button (“V”) to be kind of out of my way, so I planted it on my mouse instead. There was actually one thing that got me, and that was the “hold-TAB for display of inventory”; my natural instinct in an inventory system is to move the mouse and low and behold I found myself switching secondary weapons. Though, the inventory system does give all the necessary information, I would like to see it improved upon.

There are essentially two things that have driven the Metro games: graphics and story. Although the story elements are great in Metro: Last Light I would say that they are just above its predecessors, but with better gameplay as well. It is easy to see that 4A Games wanted to improve the gameplay elements, by keeping them the same but really improving the quality of it. While I chose to be stealthy in my approach, gun play still plays an important roll no matter what your approach may be. The selections of guns and their customization options is great, but I still found myself using a specific weapon (Silenced Revolver) for majority of the game. Though, if you get to use a pneumatic weapon, then I suggest doing so as they are very powerful.

Overall Metro: Last Light is a game very much worth buying, if not for the excellent story, but the beauty that is the Metro world. If you own a Mac and are looking for that game to take your system to a whole new level then look no further than Metro: Last Light.

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