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Metro: Last Light DLC Roundup
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Tower Pack

This is one of those DLC’s where you have to sit back and ask a loud “wtf?” While I am a huge fan of the Metro games, this DLC really had me scratching my head as to why this was even made. As a developer though, I have an extreme respect for the team at 4A Games and this in all honesty was a kind of refresher. I had become so involved with Metro: Last Light that I desperately needed something different and the Tower Pack offered it to me.

MLL_TowerThe Tower Pack is a sort of combat simulator set in a double virtual world, and you get there by sitting in what could only be described as a gamers dream of 6 total monitors, and a VR system.  When you begin you have your normal starting weapons: AK, Revolver and double barrel shotgun. Your objective is to hold out as long as you can, killing every single enemy possible. In theory it does not sound that hard, but the difficulty can quickly become overwhelming in the later levels. As you move on in the levels, you get more weapons to choose from, each with different modifications done to them.

So is the Tower Pack worth the $4.99? I have to say yes. It is a nice change of pace from the stealth game, to a full out all on war.


Ranger Mode

I personally do not get why this was not included in the original game, as it should be. However, if you are not familiar as to what Ranger Mode dlc is for then let me enlighten you: it removes all HUD, and it is a LOT more difficult. If you played Metro: Last Light on any difficulty you can understand that it is at times a little too easy. Ranger Mode changes that by making it for the extremely hardcore group who are looking for that extra challenge. That is what it is: an extra challenge.

The challenge here is that you barely have enough ammo to survive, so stealth is top priority in this mode, and save your bullets for the mutated ones. Then again, you would be wise to use your knife even then if you can. It requires you to be smart about your approach for everything, even when combat is unavoidable (like the Church area).

So is Ranger Mode worth the $4.99? Maybe and maybe not; this game mode is aimed at a very hardcore demographic. If you enjoy playing with extreme stealth, and really trying to survive then yes it is. However, if you are just a simple casual player then no… This mode is not for you.




Faction Pack

The Faction Pack for Metro: Last Light is one of the better DLC’s, offering 3 new missions from 3 different perspectives. You can play as a Sniper from the Red Line Sniper, a Polis Ranger Trainee or a Heavy Soldier from the Reich; each of them offering a new experience to what you may currently have had. While there are 3 new missions, I found them all to be relatively short, at least for me. It does however offer 3 new things to Metro: Last Light.

Three new weapons would be exact: Hellbreath, Medved and the Silent Sniper Rifle.

MLL_FactionsThe Hellbreath is a great new weapon, which is unfortunately pneumatic. Did I mention that it is a rail gun? No? ok… well it is a rail gun, with a very high damage output with a mediocre rate of fire. It does however have very high recoil, which can prove to be difficult in some fights, and should be kept to be used best against the humans. It too also, has your most common attachments to go along with it.

The Sniper Rifle on the other hand is a nasty one, but effective none-the-less. It has a great damage output, low recoil and a decent rate of fire with a somewhat mediocre reloading time. When you get to use it in the mission, it is extremely effective and one of my favorite new missions to be had. Then again I love to be stealthy in all facets of Metro: Last Light so it may not be for you.

The Medved grenade launcher is actually one of the best weapons in the DLC simply because it is really fun to use. It really does come in handy in a few spots, but again it is just fun to use. It was something different to what I found in the main campaign of the game bringing a breath of fresh air to the game. It is just sad however, I ran out of grenades rather quickly until I finally found some more.

So is the Faction Pack worth the $4.99? Yes and no… It does offer some new things, and 3 new missions that yes while short, are still plenty of fun to do. The no is because most of the guns are not able to be used in the main campaign which is kind of a downer. Of course if you purchase the Developers Pack you can have access to the grenade launcher from the campaign.


Chronicles Pack

The Chronicles Pack DLC was the one I looked forward to the most, as I wanted to play as Pavel from the get-go. Again this DLC provides you with 3 new missions from the perspectives of Anna, Khan and Pavel that works alongside Artyom’s main storyline.

The best new mission is by far Khan’s, who offers a new found humor to the game that has not been very evident throughout the rest of it. I do have to say though, that he is just as much of a badass that I had previously thought.

Anna’s story was actually kind of a letdown for me, as it seems like she would have been a little bit more in depth, and well… better. I guess I should have not went into it expecting more than what I came out with but it happens. Do not get me wrong, he mission was good, and at times intense but again I was just expecting more.

Pavel’s mission though, was also a great new mission. I found myself to be fascinated by him from early on in Metro: Last Light only because he seemed to fit the bill of this complete bad ass guy who would level an entire city with his huge ego. Which we actually do find out that could happen in this storyline, as I often found myself wanting to punch him in the face because of his arrogance. Then again… that is what I wanted to do in the main campaign as well, so why should it be any different?

So is the Chronicles Pack actually worth the $4.99? Yes and no again as the same reasons above. The stories are good, but that alone is hard for me to say it is worth it.


Overall, the DLC has been pretty solid for such a great game in Metro: Last Light. I hope that there will be more offerings, and if you do buy the DLC, not for the stories but just to look at beauty that is the Metro world, then bravo.

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