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Make N’ Break Party Game

We at TheGamingExperience have always been fans of table-top games which require you to build out of objects. While searching one day I came across one called Make N’ Break Party. I was very eager to check it out, as it looked like it would be really fun for game nights; I then promptly contacted Ravensburger who sent me a copy for review.

Setup is really easy, as it just consists of a board, cards, a timer, blocks, blindfold, and your pawns. The great thing is this game is not large by any means, and it can easily be played from the comfort of your living room on say a coffee table. The only thing that is even remotely difficult is figuring out what the teams will be and who will start as a builder, and who starts as the person who calls out.

The team here, must have put in a good 45-50 games while constantly switching teams of 2v2v2, or 1v1v1; observing each thing as it was being made. Design wise, I do have just one issue; the board itself is not that “random” and the actual ways to play are not that mixed it does sometimes become an issue of “when will this game end” type of deal. I was disappointed in how the lack of randomness was, but still the game is fun. Out of the amount of games, only one of us actually had gotten the same card more than once on subsequent playthroughs, which really was a good thing in our eyes.

With that being said, the person who has to describe what to build has the more difficult job. You have 4 types of building phases, each one offering something unique and at times difficult. During the initial build phase (blue) the person just straight describes what needs to be built in their own way. Once you land on the “quiet time” phase (as we call it) the person describing has 2 words (located on bottom of the card) that cannot be said that is relevant to the words used to describe it; often times it can be difficult. The most difficult phase requires the builder to be blind folded (with the mask provided) and build what is described to them; it is actually rather fun to do it this way. And finally the funnest phase, requires the person describing to build and play a game of charades; they pick a word (out of two) to build and act out to get it.

Playability is for the most part pretty high, by just switching up teams, and figuring out new ways to play. For instance, we tried a game where we just utilized the charade cards and nothing else which made the experience slightly more enjoyable until we ran out of cards. Once we ran out we just finished the game the way it was meant to be played.

Overall though, it is a great party game and for $20 it is well worth it. We all thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, as it was a nice change of pace to our regular game nights. Some games do tend to last longer than others, on average though, it took about 30-40 minutes to finish a complete game and our attention was spent on it the entire time. I do have to say that if you are looking for a good party game, then look no further than Make N’ Break Party. 

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