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Cards Against Humanity

I have been searching for a long time for the one game, so vile, so funny, and so adult like that it seems like I have been searching forever. One day, I get wind of this game called Cards Against Humanity which apparently would fill that void in my every Friday adult game night routine. Naturally I contact the CAH team about a review, and they sent me the base game along with the 1st-3rd expansion’s. So we will do the review this way: Setup, Design, and finally Playability.


Honestly, no matter which way you play it, the entire setup cannot get any easier; assuming that you know how to properly deal cards of course. When TheGamingExperience members got together and played (almost daily), we sat around a table and I dealt out the cards (we played with 7 people), and then it was non-stop fun.

Setup is the exact same for the expansions as well.


The great thing about the design of Cards Against Humanity is that it takes everything that adult life has to offer and makes a huge play on them. I will not say that design is perfect, because there are… some questionable cards; just a couple that don’t make sense. Not that they are bad cards (there…are…um…some…disturbing ones) a couple were just too advanced for us in terms of understanding. This actually works in the games favor though, as I want cards I do not fully understand, cards that do not make sense to me but might to someone else.

When the team and I had first played it, we did one of the suggestions; we played with a player named Rando. Rando though is not your average Cards Against Humanity player, he/she/it has the most disturbing mind out of anyone that played. Just an an example, on the question card was something to the effect of “What was Micheal Jacksons last thought before he died?” While most of us went the not-so-obvious way, Rando threw down the “Pedophile” card; we almost all died laughing at this huge coincidence. Of course there are many other ways to play Cards Against Humanity but this was the best (and funniest) way we found.


Playability is honestly one of Cards Against Humanity’s downfall; while it is somewhat high, it does  get very repetitive. However, with the addition of the expansions (rather cheap for price too), it lightens the game up quite a bit if you want more cards. We played so much, we knew most of the cards in the base game, so we threw in the 1st expansion which really livened it up a bit; effectively giving us something to look forward to. Subsequent playthroughs we utilized each of the 3 expansions and it really made things much more enjoyable.

In conclusion, Cards Against Humanity is a REALLY fun game, that brings with it non-stop laughter. This is what I wanted game nights to be, a bunch of friends sitting around having laughs, and just having an overall great time. Cards Against Humanity can liven up any party (provided they have a sense of humor), and bring them all down in one giant ball of laughs at the same time. Every adult should own it, if not for fun, then the non-stop laughs.

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