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Sims 3: Island Paradise
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EA has done it again with the newest expansion to the cult hit game Sims 3; this time though, we have the luxury of building our own Island Paradise!  Island Paradise has to be their best “true” expansion to the Sims 3 game yet.

One of the cooler new things with the Sims 3: Island Paradise is the new boating system. By boats though this is a general term, it includes houseboat, sailboat, ski boat or Jet Ski as well. What is so good about this you ask? It is simple; you can stop and snorkel or even go scuba diving! When you are doing these, it gives you the chance to find a shipwreck, fish, caves, and apparently (I have not found it) a kraken. Be careful though, my Sims character got really sick after spending too much time on my boathouse in the middle of the mini-ocean.

sip_1  If you are not a sea person though, Sims 3: Island Paradise really has a ton to offer you, including one of the entertaining new editions of building and operating a new resort. I have been hard at work trying to do so, and to me it seems like it is a time consuming process, though it may just have been me. Some of the guests did not care too much for my resort apparently; despite have the necessities of every npc in the Sims games. Granted I did not have an overwhelming amount of money to spend, but I did what I could. I will keep working at it and post an update in the coming days. Again though, it is a fun new edition to the Sims games, as it gives you a slightly larger challenge. When you open your resort, you get to chance to make some viable decisions, by deciding what activities there are, hiring employees, or how expensive of drinks you want to serve your guests at the bar. This is more than likely my downfall, as I have the cheapest available drinks being served because well… I am cheap.

Of course with Sims 3: Island Paradise, you also get some new traits and skills: Love to Swim (trait),   Sailor (trait), and once you purchase scuba gear, scuba diving (skill). All of these are good in their own respective right, but I suggest that if you create a new character you opt to have the Love to Swim and Sailor traits included with them. It does make thing progress a lot better, particularly if you are building yourself a houseboat. I found my sim getting less and less sea-sick once they had those 2 things as I immediately built a houseboat.

Overall, I feel that the Island Paradise expansion was their best one yet, as it had more to offer my sims playing style. Everyone is different of course, but it does have a little something for everyone I think. Whether it is building a resort, or just having fun sailing around on your houseboat, Sims 3: Island Paradise is a fun and addictive new expansion, that is sure to please. With new objects to be placed as well, even the normal Sims players that just build for fun, this should be appealing as well.

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Sims 3: Island Paradise, 3.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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