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Skylanders: Giants

Skylander Giants is a great game, If you don’t believe me then ask my 6 year old son; he was mostly excited about the toy figures and the portal that lights up when you put the figures on top. The Mystical portal of power is a gateway between our world and the world of the Skylanders.


Skylanders: Giants is the sequel to Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, and is available on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and 3DS and is similar to the first game in many ways. However, with Skylanders Giants you use real toy figures -purchased separately- to access characters in the game. Luckily Skylanders: Giants comes in a Starter Pack form, including everything you need to get started. Add-on figures are not that expensive and can be purchased for $10.00 on up. There are a ton of figures to purchase each with their own unique style and look to them.



 As the story goes the original Skylanders where originally Giants and they defended Kaos and his Machines a long time ago. The Giants fought for the freedom of Skylands. In the final battle against Arkeyans the Giants were sent to earth as a form sacrifice. There they have been buried underground and considered a myth. Now this is all fun to know, but what about the game you ask? The game itself is a great platform. You walk around and defeat the “Bad” Guy as my six year old says. The Gameplay is made up of Exploration, Puzzle solving and combat. They have a game inside the game called Skystones in all honestly reminds me of Final Fantasy 8 Triple Triad.


Skylanders earn experience and level up during the game, this gains them access to upgrades that power up their attacks. While the game is made for children as the target audience, controls are loose and fun at the same time for all ages. I did not really encounter any issues with the controls, or the configurations while playing Skylanders: Giants.

The puzzles for the game though is what really makes the game fun and unique, often times requiring the use of several different elemental type figures. For instance at the beginning of the game, you are required to switch to the included Giant type, to move a bolder, then switch back to say someone like Spyro for mobility. Puzzles like this really make me wish that there was a game like this when I was a kid. Overall, the gameplay is fun for all ages, and the replay value is pretty high if you have enough figures.



            My Verdict on this game is: The game is very child friendly and well designed. It doesn’t matter if you have three figures or 48. It would be fun to collect all the Skylanders out there; if not for the game but for the card you get with each new figure. However, this is the downfall to it, as most are $14.99 and there are quite a few. What I suggest doing for you adults wanting to play is buy the Starter Pack and then buy one of each elemental type to really have fun with the game. Overall though, we are hooked, and it is a very family friendly game to play.

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