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Black Ops II – Revolution DLC
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One of the most popular games this past year has released its very first DLC, and now that we have had extensive time with it we finally feel comfortable reviewing it!

Here is how this will play out, we will review each and every single map, weapon(s) and new modes that came with it! So lets begin!


BOII_PeacekeeperThe Peacekeeper

If you have played this game recently you will notice it is not one of the most widely used weapons in multiplayer. This little SMG has very LOW bullet spread, and the recoil is next to non-existent, allowing players to make short to long controlled bursts at their discretion.

While yes there is some great fun in unlocking some attachments, there is a great deal of repetitiveness that comes with it. By the time the DLC came out I personally had 12 weapons fully maxed out both in camo, and attachments. It was a nice change of pace to use, but again it is a great weapon to use. However, I will choose the Scorpion or CQB over it.





Ah yes, the map where there are only a few rough edges, and very little ground to cover. It is one of the most common maps I have played on while playing Ground War, which is actually not a bad thing at all. This is by far my favorite map to play on in terms of being tactical as there is not really a good space for people to camp (minus the upper stairway), which allows for a great sense of balance and can get you killed plenty of times, or get you plenty of kills.

There is another bonus, it is a nice open map, allowing those of us that keep the SMAW or FHJ-18 AA around to benefit the team. Often times they come in pretty useful now that Counter UAV and Stealth Chopper are more and more prevalent.





I do have a qualm about this not dealing with the map per-say, but Treyarch made it sound like it was going to be this epic map, that has the ability to kill players without issue. This sounded great, but it was a huge letdown once you actually play on the map. For one this “killer waterway” they speak of is virtually useless; only being used maybe 1 time per game, at maybe 2-3 minute intervals. Even then, the player has a good 30 second notification about when it will happen. Take out the notifications and it would be a useful map.

Aside from that, the level design is actually pretty nice, offering more tight linear corridors more than anything. Thankfully this map is not vertically inclined for people to hang around in, but there are some great places for people to camp and get a tremendous amount of kills. However, there is one place I barely seen anyone camping at and that is the East corridors leading into the spillways. Maybe a couple times a game I see the enemy come this way, but it is a great attacking point that nobody uses.




A Sniper and Assaults dream map is finally here! Downhill offers something for truly everyone though, long tight corridors for you Snipers, and Assault gunners, and plenty of camping spots for your shot gunners. One of the most effective things I had seen however someone is using a Riot Shield / LSAT combo, by planting the shield into the ground and maneuvering around the shield. Of the 3 times we played on the map with this person in particular he averaged 77 kills on Domination on the far Eat walkways.

The map itself is actually a pretty fun one level design wise, because it is very balanced. The air is open, and there are only 4-5 smaller indoor areas for someone to be. While this map is pretty good for a Sniper Rifle, it surely provides more of a use for R870MCS shotgunner.





Mirage is one of the best maps in term of level design in my opinion; offering both vertical and linear forms of gameplay. While it is good for that purpose, this is the map where you find the most campers; most of which camp the West side corridor and the middle building. This is easily combatted by simply flanking to the East side (with the bus) and maneuver behind the enemy team. A smart team that uses the above strategy also creates plenty of stragglers, and breaks the line of defense allowing teammates to push in force. If you can put a reliable (and good) machine gunner in the Northwest side building (with the treadmills), Northeast building (across from treadmills), middle bottom floor, and finally one at the far south of the map (by the bus) you have created a significant game changer. By utilizing these areas, you have effectively cut off their lines but not spawn camping to keep up the spirit of the game.




BOII_TurnedNew Game Mode: Turned

I have to admit when I first heard about this I was not at all looking forward to it at all. However, from the moment I started playing it I fell in love with it immediately. It is a game mode of challenge and fun, allowing 3 of 4 players to be zombies to kill the human. When a zombie kills a human, they switch places, and repeat the process all over again. This may not sound like too much fun on paper, but it creates a heavy sense of virtual competition, which usually got me swore at by a 12 year old and got called some less than stellar names.

Being the human however, is something that is actually what you want. The human kills zombies, and then you get a new and improved weapon! While I have not had the pleasure of being a human for too long so I could not jot down the entire list, but I often found myself just wanting to use the Executioner.

Again it is a great new edition to the zombie mode, despite it being looked down upon at first; it offers a whole new depth to a very deep and rich experience.



BOII_DieRiseDie Rise

Ah yes the one the one thing everyone was waiting for a new zombie map in which to figure out! There are many things that are very interesting about this one though, including the fact that it takes the player to a complete vertical location. I am not entirely sure about how many levels there are, but if I had to guess I would say 7 and above.

Unfortunately I cannot speak too much about the story aspect of it, but I can however comment about the rest of it!

There are a few unique editions to Die Rise that make it stand out against the others, and one of them is the new… I want to say Hell Monkeys but I do not know what to call them. They replace the hell hounds that we have all grown accustomed to defending against, and brings a whole new experience with them. Do not pay attention to the fact that they are more deadly, and come in larger numbers, the only thing you need to concentrate on is their absurd movements. Literally bouncing all over the place like a … monkey, they prove to be very difficult to defend against unless you allow them to get close enough.

Aside from that, the weapons on the walls have changed as well, mostly of course by putting the PDW and SVU-AS on the wall on the 2nd floor. This gives you easy access to 2 of the most powerful weapons right from the beginning. Once you have gotten enough points to move forward, getting to the power room is actually a difficult chore; not to mention finding the mystery box is a giant pain in the rear. But once you reach them, it allows you to get the parts you need for the Sliquifier and make one of the most unique weapons since the original Black Ops. This gun in particular is a lot of fun to use, in most cases you want to shoot it on the ground and let the zombies change direction by a slide allowing for a quick getaway if need be.


Overall the entire DLC map pack, was a good one but not yes the best one Treyarch has done. I look forward to see what else their next DLC will bring us.

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Black Ops II - Revolution DLC, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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    Amazing review, detailed as well as to the point.

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