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At this point the majority of gamers have heard of a game called Minecraft. Unfortunately the popularity of Minecraft has overcome the presence of other games of the “world crafting” genre. One of the more widely known games other than Minecraft in the world crafting genre is Terraria. For those who do not know what Terraria is here is an explanation. Terraria is basically a 2-D platformer with the ability for the player to take materials from the world itself to create tools, weapons and other materials that can be used to create basically anything the player desires such as progressively more powerful weapons and armor, decorations, buildings, tree houses and much more.

Going beyond the basic world crafting elements in the genre Terraria has a basic looting system that is influenced by RPG’s such as Diablo or Torchlight with loot drops from enemies as well  as random loot drops from treasure chests found throughout the world. These drops can be anything from a huge variety of crafting materials and items to various potions and artifacts as well as weapons with random stats. The crafting system is extensive with anything from decorations and different building materials to potions, armor, weapons, artifacts (which provide varying benefits such as double jump ability) and cosmetic items. Terraria also allows the player to find and house various NPCs by reaching different requirements who will then allow the player to buy and sell different items from them or provide different benefits to the player such as healing. Eventually the player will reach a variety of bosses that will challenge the player and if beaten provide different benefits as well as mountains of loot. Of course the basic world crafting elements are present such as digging for a large variety of ores and chopping down trees for wood as well as crafting progressively better tools.

The world itself is randomly generated at the start of the game with options available to change things like world size, difficulty, etc. The player’s character is created separate from the world creation which allows the player to have different characters and worlds as well as the ability to take a character into a different world with all the items and equipment that they have in their inventory from the other world. This feature can make starting a new world much less frustrating because the player can take high level equipment into the new world and start exploring quickly. The best thing about Terraria is that there is so much to actually do in the game besides digging and building. There are NPCs to interact with, a large variety of enemies and bosses to defeat, massive amounts of loot to be acquired, different areas to explore and of course the massive crafting and building options. With all the different gameplay options available, Terraria is an almost perfect game with many, many hours of play and fun to be experienced. Multiplayer options are also available for those that wish to experience Terraria with friends and the full Terraria experience is available to be played without limitations.

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Terraria, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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