Top 10 Scariest Moments in Gaming

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Top 10 Scariest Moments in Gaming

Where would the gaming industry be without those scary moments in video games? It is a hard thing to think about an industry without the likes of Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Dead Space and F.E.A.R. This is TheGamingExperience’s very first “Top 10” of the Scariest Moments in Gaming. I know what you are thinking though: “oh another top 10 list”, well here is the thing, not many lists are made with these games!

1)     Superman 64 – All of it

Let’s face it; if you gamed in the Nintendo 64 era, chances are you may have played this game. There was not a terrifying moment in this game per-say, but the game itself was a very frightening thing. It was not a regular single moment, but rather it was that in this age we had a certain expectation to graphical quality and mechanics; much to our displeasure this lacked everything that made a game fun. The reason is this is number 1 on our list is because this game terrifies me as a Game Designer, and I would never wish this on another gamer.

2)      Silent Hill 3 – Mirror Room

This still gives me the creeps to this day as it was such a beautiful thing. This is number 2 on our list because it needs to be; I was unfortunate enough as a kid to encounter this when I had all the lights out in my very dark and cold basement at 2:30am. What blows my mind about it was that once I noticed thing were different in the mirror than in the actual game, I had to shut it off. I could not play it alone, at night after that point in time. Funny thing is, after the initial encounter I would go back just to feel that same scare.

3)      Resident Evil 3 – Nemesis

There was not a whole lot that scared me in the third installment of our beloved Raccoon City franchise, but the Nemesis took it to a whole new level. Walking around the police station all by our lonesome, then all of a sudden out of nowhere comes this large behemoth known as the Nemesis. I remember I broke my chair jumping out of it from being so scared. It did not stop there though, your heart races trying to escape from this thing, only once you escape and you think you are ok, that is when he pops in again to send you into cardiac arrest.

4)      Eternal Darkness – The Sanity!

Every gamer that is a true hardcore gamer remembers this beauty of a game. More specifically they remember the best part about it: the sanity meter. The game itself was not at all scary, unless you wanted it to be. Throughout the game, if you let your sanity meter deplete, sometimes you would get some awesome screen effects such as: head falling off, screen distortion, random creepy voices, “VIDEO” screen and the loving “successfully deleted all saved data”. Games are not made as awesome as this anymore, so take note companies…

5)      F.E.A.R – Alma encounters

In the very first installment of the F.E.A.R games, Alma was the most terrifying thing in gaming at that time. There is nothing creepier in this world than a child who is trying to kill your, while playing stalker the entire time; not to mention whenever she is around stuff ends up on fire! How many times have you gone around a corner and seen her, only to chase her and she is no longer there. How about the times when you see her shadow, and followed her into underground hallways that was filled with blood, went to the end of the hall and boom something grabs you. The infamous ceiling of blood hallway will always stick in my head… I will never forget it!

6)      Condemned: Criminal Origins – Mannequin Room

Throughout the entire game of Condemned: Criminal Origins you get that feeling of being watched or followed. Well, they put that one to the test in the mannequin room. You would enter this room and they would all be in one spot, and as you would go to leave and turned around you were treated to them have being moved. What makes this scary is just the atmosphere of the game, that darkness, and you only have this little flashlight to light your way.

7)     Dead Space 2 – USG Ishimura

Everything about Dead Space 2 is scary as hell. However, nothing is as scary as when you return to the Ishimura. The entire time you are in suspense because you know something is coming, but nothing happens. You do go a rather LONG time without encountering a single enemy, and that is why this is on our list. It creates this monumental amount of suspense and when you do finally encounter something, you scream in terror.

8)     Resident Evil: Outbreak – Hospital Leechman

Ah the glory days of the Playstation 2 system. Resident Evil: Outbreak is not fully of anything scary up until you reach the hospital. Once you do though, you are treated to running for your life, unless you have the blood packs you may have picked up while there. This is why it would have been great to have voice communication in this game. Not being able to effectively communicate with your teammates made everything that much more difficult.

9)     Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly – Child

If you ever played Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly you are walking through this room and you notice a window off to the side. If you go up to it and look through it with your camera; this little child jumps up and scares you half to death. This was not the only scary moment in Fatal Frame 2 but it is one that stands out to us the most.

10)  Metro 2033 – The Librarian

I remember every moment of this game, but the first time you meet the Librarian in the….Library sticks out more than the rest. The buildup was fantastic, and once you finally did encounter this pest it was met with a “how the hell do I kill him”?  However, this is number 10 in our list because once you DO know how to kill them, the scare is no longer there and it feels more like a chore. 

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  • Gamer329
    November 22, 2012
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    I know this is over used in scary lists, but the water level from Amnesia is hands down the single scariest part in any video game ever. Also, the hospital level of Siren: Blood Curse was pretty freaky.

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  • Terry
    November 23, 2012
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    While I do tend to agree, I just thought that the entire game of Superman 64 knocked it down a peg :)

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