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Tritton Headset Roundup





Tritton Kunai

Cost: $49.99

Inputs:  3.5mm

Available Colors: White, Red, Black

What it can be used with: Nintendo WiiU, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS


Small – The compact size makes it ideal for storage
Flexible – Easy to store, and easy to adjust
Durable – We dropped it on hard surfaces on MORE than one occasion…
Comfortable – To an extent
Removable Mic – Can be used as a straight listening device for your iPod, MP3 player or DS
Noise-Cancelling – This is great for if you have others are and need to be quiet
Plug-and-Play – 100% easy installation!
Sound – They sound great!
Nintendo WiiU – Easy to use chat, and it is clear as it should be!



Comfort – Not a good headset for long gaming hours… which is what you will be doing with the WiiU
Sound – Also has a tendency to not have enough bass which is something you should not expect
Colors (not a real con) – What about green?


Overall the Kunai is a fantastic headset for the Nintendo brand of products. To be honest, this is the exact type of headset the Nintendo brand of products needed.




Tritton 720+

Cost: $149.99

Inputs: Optical (digital), RCA

What it can be used with: Xbox 360, PS3 and sadly PC/Mac only in Europe



7.1-channel surround sound – Enough said…
12ft Cable – Allows for some room to be place between the television and yourself
Controls – Allows you to set your EQ for gaming, music or movies. Either way it sounds great!
Easy Storage – The console itself is small, which allows for more room wherever you have it
Over the ear – Allows the player to even hear the most smallest of pin drops in game.
Easy Setup – Literally it is fast as you would want this type of headset
Compatibility – Chat and sound work flawlessly on both the 360 and PS3




Bulky – It is heavy, and can at times become a strain on your neck if you plan on playing long sessions
1 Optical – It would have been nice to have dual Optical ports, one for each console
Switching – As above, switching back and forth is a process I personally hate a lot


So the Tritton 720+ is a great headset for those that own the PS3 and the Xbox 360. The greatest thing about this headset is that it is compatible with both, and chat works as well! I will say that you will have trouble finding a headset that is as good as this one and is compatible with BOTH the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.



Warhead 7.1

Tritton Warhead 7.1

Cost:  $299.99

Inputs:  Optical (digital), RCA

What it can be used with:  Xbox 360


Easy to store – this little thing of beauty stores beautifully away in even the smallest of places
Sound – It is honestly the most epic sounding headset I have ever used… period
Chat – It works flawlessly with XBL chat, and can even just unplug the mic for silence as it is all wireless
Dolby – With Dolby Digital EVERYTHING sounds better… so how about Digital and Pro Logic II? Yea buddy
Rechargeable Batteries – Quite honestly the best thing about it, and it can be changed in the fly!
Wireless – As Tritton says: “Cut the cord”




Bulky – It too is somewhat bulky, but not AS BAD as the 720+
Comfort – Long gaming sessions are harder as the padding seems like it is plastic sometimes
Wireless (subjective) – In my experience chat sometimes did have my voice cut in and out


As I stated above, this is easily the best headset all around I have ever used in my lifetime of gaming. I am hard-pressed to find another one that sounds as good as the Warhead 7.1.

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