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Damage Inc : Pacific Squadron

When I had first heard of Damage Inc., I took it with somewhat disbelief. Not because of who was making it, but rather the flight sim genre on the consoles is pretty much over. Everyone had their fill with previous flight sims during the last gen consoles. However, thankfully one company has not given up on this –almost- dead genre and took it a little bit further.



If you were lucky enough to get the Collector’s Edition of Damage Inc., then you can relate when I say that I am not fond of the controls. More specifically I am not fond of the controls when using the included flight stick; once you use your controller though it becomes so much better. The problem with using the flight stick for me is that it is too loose, which is kind of uncharacteristic of Mad Catz. I should not complain, because when using the flight stick it really adds to the realism and depth of the game. Again, the controls for the flight stick are lacking, but when using the controller you can tend to feel more connected to your plane.


One of the bright spots of Damage Inc. is of course the gameplay. I will admit that I did often times find myself getting frustrated when in campaign. After beating every mission, one made me mad like no other; this particular mission requires you to protect Pearl Harbor, and defend it from Japanese planes, then protect oil reserves and then finally protect the ground squad. Keep in mind it was my first time playing this game, and I became so mad because of the amount of planes I had to take down to keep my team protected. Once I got the hang of the right way to handle it I started thriving in the game, and I did not fail a mission after that moment. Damage Inc. is a game where you can easily adapt to any situation you are in, and that is a good thing as the amount of ways for procedure drastically increases.

However, gameplay sadly only lasted 12 ½ hours for single player campaign; which was kind of disappointing. The good news it is that it had some very good multiplayer; when you can find a game. For the first few days of release I had a very difficult time finding a game, but about a week after that it changed, and I finally got to play some of the multiplayer. There are 5 competitive options, Dogfight, Team Dogfight, Survivor, Team Survivor, and my favorite Scratch on Flattop. However, you can also enjoy some good co-op multiplayer as well for missions. Multiplayer was fast, real and very fun; easily one of the best features.


Damage Inc. is a game that can be enjoyable under the right circumstances. What I mean by that is you have to be a fan of the flight sim genre to really enjoy it. Overall though the game is entertaining, and has a fun multiplayer. It is more or less what you would hope for in a console flight sim.

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