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I have had Prototype 2 since its release, and honestly I am still kind of unsure of what to think about it! I have played through it twice since then, gathering everything I could, just to convince myself to swing one way or another with it. So, here is what I have come up with.


The controls for Prototype 2 are substantially more fluid and more responsive than its predecessor. In a game of this genre, that is a key thing to address, because it is a button masher after-all. Sure there are times when I wish the configuration was a bit better, just to make it easier to say switch abilities or to pull off a good combo on a semi-boss. Though, at times it does fit it well for such as soaring above your enemies. For this the control layout is flawless, however the combo system is just the opposite. While –at times- I do enjoy the combo system, I often found myself wondering if I could actually do the combos I wish to do. Usually it does not but I do get brief moments where it does do exactly what I tell it to do.

What this means?

Controls are hit-or-miss in most cases.


Now here is where Prototype 2 really does come in handy. Almost every aspect of the game is rather beautiful, down to how everything looks during fast movement. This is usually a downfall to the genre, but the developers for Prototype 2 made it look good. The only issue –dare I call it that- that I had found was the characters sometimes looked very low-poly; specifically when just standing around. However, the bright side is that the cut-scenes were gorgeous, and I mean that in the best way possible. Where they epic? No, they just looked phenomenal.

What this means?

Prototype 2 is a rather great looking game all around.



Here is where most of Prototype 2’s faults lie. While combat is generally not an issue, there are some things that would have fit well for the game. For instance, having the NPC’s interact more with the character. I say this because the worldly inhabitants spent most of their time just running away from me. This at times felt that there was just no depth to Prototype 2 other than the combat system. You get that major feeling of being alone –despite valuable NPCs-. Sure at times this was a good thing, but for the most part it was just annoying.

What this means?

Prototype 2 is a good game, and substantially better than its predecessor. However, to compete with the genre that it is in, some things need to be more defined such as NPC interactions, more fluid movement, and fluid combat system. Other than that, the game was rather fun, after-all I did play it through twice which has to account for something.

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