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The original Crysis stood for a whole lot of things when it first appeared; advanced technology, original gameplay, and creative story just to name a few. With Crysis 2, it populates in a genre that is overdone with rehashed ideas and technology; a cesspool of re-dos and adaptation. At least we have something good coming out of this: we no longer need a NASA super computer to run it at full resolution!


Gorgeous Level Design!

The graphics for Crysis 2 are insanely gorgeous, to the point where you have to stop and think “wow, did I just see that?” Not only is everything incredibly polished, but it has some of the best textures on a level I have ever seen. If you look at the image above, look at the trees for a moment. Do they not capture the epitome of realism for a video game? Now avert your eyes to the building in the center; does it not look as real as a video game can get?

This is something great about Crysis 2; normally it is the gameplay that makes you feel apart of the game, but in this instance it is the world itself.


Combat is fantastic!

Possibly the best quality of Crysis 2 is the entire combat system; including the enhancements. I do have to admit however, that while playing through the campaign (and multiplayer) there were 2 weapons I stuck with the most, which where the Sniper Rifle and the SCAR-Stealth. My Sniper had been altered a bit with a silencer, while the SCAR was outfitted with a red-dot scope and silencer. Not to mention I ALWAYS made sure I carried enough ammo for my rocket launcher as well as C4. I did this because sometimes the campaign does get a bit repetitive, and I needed to have some fun.



Your nano suit is key to your survival (literally), and once you get deeper into the campaign you start seeing these things on the ground. The above picture is what I am referring to; when you kill a Ceph, these appear. These are vital things to collect as you can use them for nano-suit upgrades. These “upgrades” are pretty effective, and cater to each players playing style. Each one of these abilities comes in handy at some point or another; I often found myself switching between ARMOR ENHANCE and DELFECTION. Both where very useful later on down the road, even though it does take a long time to save up for them.


Multiplayer is honestly one of the best games of the year in terms of playability and the overall experience. With a somewhat small range of game types to play, you would think players would get bored easily. This could not be further from the truth, while in game I often asked players what their thoughts where on Crysis 2 multiplayer and I received the word “fun” a lot. Once I started to get deeper and deeper into the progression system, I did not really want to stop. With roughly 17hours of multiplayer time (JUST Multiplayer), I really wanted to keep coming back to it more and more. It was very fun for me to experience, as the game types fit the whole concept well. I guess I should just say that the Crysis 2 multiplayer will keep you coming back for more.


Overall, Crysis 2 is one of those games that no matter how repetitive it may be, it keeps drawing you in for more and more. Will it be Game of the Year? I doubt it, but still it is a great game and deserves your playing time!

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